Opportunities abound for private label wines

Posted on Sat 21st Jan 2017 at 11:35

New research from Datamonitor Consumer has revealed that a third of consumers consider private label wines a good alternative to bottles with brand names, and that many are very happy to drink these at home.

As reported in FoodBev.com’s report, analyst Sara Grady has noted that this opens up a significant opportunity for retailers: “Less confident drinkers may find comfort in trusting their retailer's label and indicates another trend for private label alcohol to capitalise on, rather than shy away from.” Whilst many retailers look to well known regions such as Bordeaux for their own label wines, those who want to snare loyal customers should look to less appreciated terriors to provide something really memorable. What better way to entice your customers into trying new wines than by sticking your own custom label on a great quality bottle from an as-yet unknown supplier? By choosing wines from regions such as Macedonian, which aren’t yet familiar to a large segment of the UK’s drinking population, you can easily create a great USP for your own brand wine range. Signature Wines offer a comprehensive private label service for companies wishing to offer own-brand wine. Rather than simply repackaging an existing wine, we work with Masters of Wine and boutique wineries to blend the best wines for your customers. As well as building the perfect wine for your audience’s needs, we work on every other aspect of production, from designing the label to your specifications to delivery of the finished product.

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